Our Purpose

Our mission is simple. Everything we do is underlined by our commitment to doing good. Good Coffee, good price, good for the environment, good for your health and socially good. 

There are many reasons why we believe in the need for sustainable practices. We need to protect habitats and ecosystems from destruction, we need to do good to minimise the social and environmental cost of pollution, we need to act responsibly to avoid the exploitation of vulnerable peoples in society. We aim to achieve our mission by adopting a clear approach to our social responsibilities as a business.

  1. Recycling & Composting of packaging
  2. Clean Energy
  3. Ethical Sourcing of Product
  4. 100% Australian Roasted & Owned Company

      1.    Recycling & Composting - Giving customers the ability & choice to compost and recycle

Plastic pollution has a detrimental effect on wildlife. This has become so astoundingly obvious with the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch (GPGP). 80-100 million kg’s of plastic in one area of the ocean, the largest of five vortex gyre’s in the sea and what seems to be not even the peak of the problem with plastic production to surge over the next decade. It is estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050 for what seems like the largest man-made ongoing disaster of the century.

Landfill to Oceans

What Green Barista realised in its early stage of conception was that consumers do not have the ability to recycle or compost their products within conventional waste management formats. This was the first issue we identified in us being able to deliver on our statement; ‘Earth Friendly’. Finding the right product that harnessed characteristics considered by us to be good for the environment. We have managed to source a Nespresso® Compatible Pod that has a Certified Industrially Compostable format. The qualities and characteristics of the pods is as follows;

  • Certified Biodegradable Industrially Compostable 
  • Oxygen and Moisture Barrier with an extended shelf life
  • More than 70% of the capsule is made with Bio-Plant matter

However, we strongly believe that quality cannot be sacrificed if you are hoping to achieve a change in habits.

Stage two for Green Barista was giving customers the choice to compost and recycle. Our recent partnership with TerraCycle has made it possible for our coffee beans and coffee pods packaging to be recycled or composted. By working with global leaders like terracycle the idea is to make being environmentally responsible a way of life. The TerraCycle Zero Waste system is designated so your single use packaging items can be placed back into the supply chain for sustained and cyclical use. For more information on our closed loop system see:



       2.    Clean Energy - Producing a product that utilises principles of carbon minimisation

The need for clean energy could not be greater right now as a slew of fine particulates culminate in our atmosphere from a combination of vehicle exhaust, power plants and wildfires causing a range of negative issues to surface

Green Barista has been working toward the minimisation of conventional energy throughout its manufacturing process by changing the way we produce and the systems we use. Over the last three years, we in conjunction with chosen manufacturing partners  have been able to collectively reduce traditional coal powered energy consumption. Converting the locality of environmental cost creation from upstream to our midstream control is a way for us to guarantee a more environmentally responsible product. This has been achieved by;

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) with clean energy retailers
    • Paying a premium per kW(h)
  • Ensuring manufacturers upgrade internal fixtures and equipment to be more energy efficient
  • Intelligent time-in-use models that flatten energy consumption per hour to be more in line with clean energy production curve

Green Barista and our chosen roasters & capsule manufacturer’s share the same vision for being an Earth Friendly product. We are told that there are plans for the manufacturing plant to become less reliant on energy consumption from non-renewable's over time and it will take considerable investment. Implementations such as mandatory double-sided printing, hybrid fleet vehicles and sensor lighting can contribute on a global scale to a significantly brighter future.

Stay tuned for further manufacturing efficiencies as we continually adopt and enhance our way of life and business.

      3.    Ethical Sourcing of Product – For things outside of our direct control, creating key supplier relationships with regulatory bodies that govern ethical behaviour for the benefit of society

An important component of our product quite simply put ‘Was the product ethically sourced?’. The coffee industry is quite unique in that many developing nations situated along and around the equator (between tropic of Cancer & Capricorn) produce coffee due to the hot, humid and tropical climates consistent all year round. The problem with this is the potential for abuse of human rights in the pursuit of profit. It is quite difficult for us as an Australian based company to monitor the situation closely, but what we can do is pay a premium on our raw product to ensure that peoples of developing nations are afforded proper rights and payment for their hard labors.

Green Barista is proudly Fairtrade certified, an organisation that acts to empower impoverished communities, farmers and workers. Fairtrade assist via three key pillars; economic, social & the environmental

Economic: By guaranteeing a minimum price for what they farm, growers of coffee are provided with more financial security making them less vulnerable to poverty. Fairtrade’s certification and accompanying standards give farmers the opportunity to negotiate a higher price for their product than the conventional market price

Additional income earned through the Fairtrade Premium is often used to support better farming practices to improve crops and soil. It enables farmers to invest in strengthening their businesses, improving their local communities and to plan for the future.

Social: Investment of the Fairtrade Premium in community development projects like improved health facilities, access to education for children and adults, and sources of clean drinking water and adequate sanitation, is improving the quality of lives of people in rural communities. This, combined with support in deepening gender equality sees farmers and workers who choose to participate in Fairtrade feel a real sense of control over their future, with greater power and voice.

Environmental: Fairtrade provides real support to farmers and workers so that the environment can be protected. We help farmers adapt to the world’s changing climate, supporting long-term and positive ways of dealing with unpredictable weather patterns.  Fairtrade Standards also regulate substances used in farming, including pesticides and other chemicals. Waste management is another vital concern in an all-round mission to care for the natural world.

Green Barista is also Certified Organic which works hand-in-hand with all of our Fairtrade certified coffee’s that are utilised in our beans and pods blends. Ensuring the highest quality practices and standards in cultivation to protect the earth and the coffee connoisseur from harmful pesticide, spoiled products, banned practices and exploitation.

Australian Certified Organic: https://www.aco.net.au/Default.aspx

Australian New Zealand Fairtrade: http://fairtrade.com.au/

         4.    100% Australian Owned & Roasted – We strongly believe that a product such as coffee has to be roasted at home to be consumed at home.

With so much global uncertainty in recent times, it is hard to believe why any Australian would want to purchase from certain regions overseas. Sometimes, it is just not possible to avoid and such is life.  We have a clear mission to deliver the highest quality coffee with the highest quality standards..

Being Australian based, we can promote a few advantages;


  • Less pollution as a result of no down-stream shipping in large carriers and/or air freighters.
  • There is a higher degree of control over the manufacturing process and subsequent pollutants due to higher regulatory requirement.
  • We answer to the Australian people on questions of sustainability and responsibility


  • All employees in our company are Australian based and we plan to keep it that way, jobs for Aussies is our primary concern
  • We proudly pay all tax in an Australian context, no tax havens or multinational evasions. All dues are paid and go back into the Australian society.


  • We provide a clean, audited and proven product that adheres to the highest quality standards for our society. We are trying to do our part for a clean and bright Australian future.